Your concrete floors go through a lot of wear and tear, especially with heavy equipment, constant impact, and the weather. Fortunately, our commercial concrete coatings can protect your floors and prevent damage. A polyurea floor coating is strong and resilient against heavy machinery, heat, chemicals, and more. It also looks great and requires minimal maintenance, making it a great choice for your residential or commercial concrete in Santa Fe.

Improve Your Santa Fe Outdoor Patio

A high-quality patio floor in Santa Fe can make your outdoor space a focal point of your home. You can enhance your patio with a polyurea Penntek concrete floor coating that is both aesthetic and durable. This type of coating is best for residential spaces by providing an aesthetic and durable coating.

Having a beautiful patio is a must-have for Santa Fe homeowners looking for a great space to entertain guests and relax outside. Not only does it make your patio look great, it also protects your concrete from weather that can cause damage over time. 1-Day Concrete Coatings can transform your outdoor spaces within 24 hours, and you will be able to enjoy them for years to come.

Image of an aesthetic patio
Image of a durable garage floor

Upgrade Your Garage

Our floor coating brings a clean, professional look to the concrete surface in your garage. It also has a slip-resistant quality thanks to vinyl chips that are soft on your feet and car tires. It is easy to maintain and keeps your space looking new and fresh.

At 1-Day Concrete Coating, we offer premium polyurea Penntek concrete floor coatings for residential and commercial spaces. These high-quality coatings are perfect for both residential and commercial garages, as this durable floor is chemical and impact resistant. 1-Day Concrete Coatings flooring systems are affordable and can be installed in your Santa Fe home or business within one day.

Renovate Your Santa Fe Business With Floor Coating

When customers come to your business, you want them to be impressed with the design and feel of your space. Using a commercial concrete coating is a great way to elevate the look of your building and improve safety with anti-slipping features. A quality concrete coating can also resist heavy impact. A polyurea coating is stronger than traditional concrete, so it will not crack or chip if large objects are dropped on the floor.

Penntek concrete floor coatings are a popular choice for commercial spaces because they offer both long-term resilience and style. This system includes a polyurea base coat and a layer of customizable color flakes. A top coat is then added to create the desired surface design.

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Image of a durable garage floor

Protect Concrete From Weather

When concrete is exposed to the elements, the temperature changes can cause it to lose moisture and crack. If the concrete has already been set, it is important to protect the concrete from water and other liquids with a floor coating from 1-Day Concrete Coatings. This helps prevent the formation of divots and cracks that can occur from the expansion of the concrete during the rainy season. A polyurea Penntek floor coating for your residential or commercial space in Santa Fe is the best solution for this issue. This strong and resilient coating is easy to clean, resists chemicals, and can withstand heavy foot traffic and installed machinery.

Get Strong and Resilient Concrete Floor Coatings

Whether you want to transform your garage floor, upgrade your business, or protect concrete in an industrial setting, a polyurea Penntek concrete coating will make your space more aesthetic and durable. These floor systems resist chemicals, abrasion, and impact damage so you can continue working without worrying about the state of your concrete flooring.

Both the quartz and chip system coatings by Penntek include a layer of multi-colored flakes that create a unique blend. The difference is that the flakes in a quartz coating are larger than those in a chip coating, making them easier to see. The other difference is that the chip coating has an orange peel texture and granite feel, making it a better choice for businesses that need to withstand heavy machinery and foot traffic. This coating is also slip-resistant and abrasion resistant.

If you are interested in getting a durable concrete coating for your home or business in Santa Fe, reach out to us today to request a quote. If you still aren’t certain, take a look at our gallery to see what we’re capable of and how we can transform your garage or outdoor space.